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St. Patty's Day Contest

Hairy Troll

So here is how the contest works, you have to look for our little hair friend...Let's just  call him Hairy Troll. He is hiding somewhere on our luxeremi.com on St. Patrick's Day.

The first five people who screenshot the picture of our Leprechaun friend to erin@luxeremi.com, will receive an 25% off  discount code (no minimum purchase), but you must use the code by 1:00pm CST on 3/20/16. Don't be discouraged if you miss our friend as we are looking to make this a monthly event - so just check back in a couple of weeks as it will be a new friend. And hey, if the hiding spot is shared on social media, Hairy Troll will be very upset. He will release his magical powers... so don't be surprised if he skipped away to a new hiding spot with a new code. This cannot be combined with any other offer, code, or coupon.
Good Luck! 

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