Bohyme Remi Hair Extensions & Wigs For Sale

Every woman dreams of long, luxurious hair, but the patience and maintenance required to grow it is challenging—not to mention, growing long, healthy hair is nearly impossible for some women due to a variety of factors. However, Remi hair extensions can give you the look you’ve always wanted—patience no longer required. Whether you’re looking for clip-ins, wefts, or pony extensions, we promise to deliver hair for every occasion! With a total of 8 different installation methods, we cater to everyone from professional hairstylists to novices looking to treat themselves with a little lift.

Bohyme Luxe extensions and wigs use real human hair that has been carefully inspected to ensure it hasn’t undergone chemical processing, such as dyes or perms. The hair collected to craft these beautiful extensions and wigs is carefully examined to limit the number of gray hairs and split ends. Our natural hair extensions come in a wide variety of colors, including ash blonde, the blackest ebony, and everything in between.

Some bundles even come blended, highlighted, and two-toned and mixed. Adding a little pizazz to your styles without the harshness of chemicals is made easy with our extensions. You can rock tight ringlets one day, soft beach waves the next, and, with a wig, you can don a cropped coif to your next business meeting.

Bohyme Remi extensions and wigs are perfect for adding length or creating thickness. Many women choose to use wigs or extensions to try a different color of hair as well. Whether you want fuller, longer hair, or a new style altogether, Bohyme Remihair extension tools and accessorieswill help you to continue growing your natural hair while you wait for it to recover from a bad haircut, damaged split ends, or a wacky dye job.

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