The Difference of Bohyme Luxe

bohyme luxe and bohyme gold comparison

 Since the introduction of Bohyme Luxe in February, many people have been asking about what are the differences of Bohyme Luxe and the Bohyme Gold line. Learn more about the two below.

Bohyme Luxe and Bohyme Gold Ends


Bohyme Luxe features 100% Remi human hair that are inspected for no previous chemical processing such as do it yourself home box dyes, perms or bleaching. Additionally, Bohyme Luxe's goal is to deliver hair that have no gray hairs or split ends and from the healthiest sources of hair possible.

Each package of Bohyme Hair weigh around 3.8—4oz. However, Bohyme Luxe guarantees that each package of Luxe Remi hair is voluminous and fullness from the root to the tip. Bohyme Gold, depending on the hairstyle may have a low amount of tapering towards the ends.

Bohyme Gold on Top, Bohyme Luxe on Bottom

Aside from these minor cosmetic differences, Bohyme Luxe goes through extra care and quality control. Bohyme Luxe uses a delicate processing method of hair cleaning and coloring. Each bundle of  Luxe does not use any mixed batches of hair so each bundle features less shedding and tangling.

Bohyme Luxe and Bohyme gold difference

Due to the extra care and commitment to Bohyme Luxe, this premium collection is exclusively available to licensed stylists and salon professionals. If you would like to purchase Bohyme Luxe or learn more, please contact us at