Bobs Are In!!

Trendy Bob hairstyles for Inspiration

Its Spring time and you know that what means…Time for Bob or his long lost sister Lob to make an appearance. For the past two years the Bob has been the number one haircut obsession and I believe it’s not going away anytime soon. From messy, chic, long curly or even straight, it seems like every celebrity to your next door neighbor is rocking this stylish look.
So what's stopping you? We get it… It can be a little nerve racking taking the leap of chopping your hair, but the bob has to be one of the most versatile hairstyles in the universe.

It Works On All Textures

Whether your hair is naturally wavy or straight, the style is flattering. And of course, we have to give our curly haired friends a shout out. With a sleek blow-dry, you can add soft waves back into the hair with a quick spritz of your favorite non-alcoholic spray or try scrunching the product with your fingertips.

  • Silky Straight Hairstyle
  • Bob Haircut

So Easy To Style!

The main point is that hair is supposed to look a bit messy—so don’t expect to spend hours with your favorite flat iron. Instead, sleep with your hair in two braids and voila, with a little spritz in the morning, you have messy beach waves.

It maintains the health of your lovely tresses: Since this style requires little to no maintenance... the levels of breakage you once had with everyday styling will probably diminish. In which will leave your hair split end free and happy!

Need a little Push: To the ladies that already have short tresses and need a little length or maybe volume. Try our favorite extension line Bohyme. They have a silky straight which comes in “10” for a cool layered bob or “12” for the lovely ladies who are willing to give the Lob a shot.

Ladies the time has come for you to try out this amazing new look and when you do, we are sure paparazzi will be there to follow.

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