Wavy Hair

With summer vastly approaching, waves are the go to hairstyle. From messy to curly, and from beach to defined, there’s so many different ways to create the ultimate wave pattern. With that said, it can also be a bit challenging to create each pattern. Guess what, Ladies and Gents? We’ve found four of the easiest ways to create some of the best waves in the industry.
Spiral Wave

Spiral Wave Hair

For this style, use a large barrel curling iron. Wrap medium sections, one by one, around the barrel. Pull the curling iron up and outward to release a spiral curl. Then, finger comb wherever you want to make it looser. This is a great way to get some bouncy waves that look like overnight curls.
 Beach Wave

Beach Wave Hair

A great small barrel and spritz is your best friend for obtaining this fun simple look.  Make sure you section off your hair. Once you have done this, wrap the hair around the barrel away. Finger comb your hair and spray again.
 Flat Iron Waves
Wavy Hair
So maybe you’re not a curling iron type of person? Try using a flat iron to achieve your perfect wave. Curl your hair as you normally would and try using a paddle brush and light brush your hair out. Your hair will create a very fun, yet flirty wave.
 PT 2 of Flat Irons
Flat Iron Waves
So we know you’ve probably seen this and were a bit skeptical. Well we’re here to tell you how and why it works. So here’s the breakdown. Split your hair into two even parts and twist each of them, by securing it with an elastic band at the end. For best results, twist the left part to the left and the right part to the right. After you have done this, take the flat iron and start sliding it upside down, following the twist direction. After the hair is cooled, remove the bands and run your fingers through the hair. These waves will look innocent and sensual at the same time.
Simple enough?  If not, we have an easier way. Check out the Bohyme European Body because it has an unbelievable curl pattern with lengths up to 22” and all of your favorite colors.  Do you want to hear something cool? This hair might be on sale soon, so stay tuned J  Make sure you click on the lovely link to try a wave pattern that will surely have you looking like a Victoria Secret Model in no time! Happy Shopping!

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