Yaki Hair

Yaki, virgin and Remi hair are two of the most widely used terms when it comes to hair extensions. If this is your first time purchasing hair, you’re probably wondering which hair you should buy? Hopefully, this blog will help you in gaining a better understanding of these two popular terms.

While Remy hair refers to a variety of hair used for making extensions, Yaki refers to hair texture. Yaki hair could be Remy as well as non-Remy hair. Remy hair refers to hairs extracted from a single donor in a way that their cuticles remain non-damaged. Non-Remy hair refers to strands that are extracted from multiple donors and the cuticles are usually not intact. Obviously, non-Remy hairs are inferior varieties as compared to Remy hair. Both Remy as well as non-Remy hair could be virgin as well as non-virgin. Virgin hair is unprocessed i.e. not treated chemically. Non-virgin hair is processed and has been subjected to chemicals, whether it is to change their color, shine, or texture. When the texture is changed to resemble afro-Caribbean hair, it is known as Yaki Hair.

Yaki Hair

Yaki hair is defined as a hair texture that looks and feels like Afro-Caribbean hair. The hair is much thicker and darker in color. The great thing about this lovely hair is that it’s widely available in different textures such as the following.

Silky Yaki
Hair texture is silky straight. It looks and feels like freshly relaxed and flat-ironed hair. This is one of the most popular varieties of hair texture. Women who are on the go and prefer easy hair maintenance often prefer it.

Silky Straight Yaki HairSilky Yaki Hair

Regular Yaki
Not as silky and straight as Silky Yaki but still looks relaxed. It looks very similar to the picture seen below.

Regular YakiRegular Yaki Hair

Kinky Yaki
Kinky Yaki refers to a natural looking texture that looks as if the hair is not being relaxed. Instead, the hair looks very thick and fluffy.

Kinky Yaki HairKinky Yaki Hair Extension

Kinky Curl
The most natural texture of all. The hair comes in a tight coil or looser coil very similar to a Shirley temple curl.

kinky Curly Hair ExtensionsKinky Curl

Yaki Hair is extremely versatile, readily available and just super awesome. If you haven’t worn Yaki hair before, trust me, it is time to start and there’s no better time than now. Currently we have a sale on all of our Yaki hair. So go ahead and try it out, we promise you won’t be disappointed! 

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