Our Favorite Boxed Hair Dyes

There comes a time in a women’s life when she’s willing to take that big step and do something that she can only dream of….. and that is dying her hair!  Well maybe it’s not that big of a deal to you but to others it may be. I’m 30 and I still have a couple of friends that have never dyed their hair which is mind blowing to me. Although I rather they seek a professional, my girlies did ask me what are the best hair dyes on the market.

First and foremost, you need to know what level your natural hair color is considered. Hair color companies will have diagrams and charts [that] show which color and undertone each color provides. If you're going for a drastic change, remember to go slow: one shade at a time.

Covering your Grays and Roots

Clairol Root Tocuh Up Box Dye

Clairol Nice ‘N Easy Root Touch-Up, is one my favorites for box hair dye. This brand’s color range makes it easy to find your perfect shade so that you can mask roots and grays with the included “precision brush" in just 10 minutes. It is claimed as the #1 Root Touch Up and the dye lasts up to 3 weeks.

On the Natural Side

Olia Home Hair Colour

What's great about this brand of hair dye is that it uses an exclusive 60% oil blend with natural flower oils in the colorant. It uses an ammonia-free solution to provide a less damaging method to hair dye.

Natural Instincts Hair Dye

Another awesome product by Clairol, what is great about this brand is that it doesn't have a strong offensive smell. Many testers online and ourselves saw that this product provided 100% full coverage. Overall, I've been pretty happy with Natural Instincts. However, one concern is that this product uses a semi-permanent formula. It's not a perfect solution for a long length of time.

Shine & Gloss

Shine and Gloss

John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss is easily a favorite among the “blondes” in our office, this ammonia and peroxide-free gloss restores color without leaving strands dull and dry. This is a great product to use for in between coloring to give your hair color a bit more vibrancy.


The Best

Wella Color Charm

Wella Color Charm gets high marks on our list! Wella haircolor provides long-lasting, fade resistant results and excellent gray coverage. Wella uses a gel formula and demi-permanent creme. The colors that come out is always true to tone and that processing time is quick.

Gotta Love the Ombrés

L'Oreal Feria

L’Oreal Paris Feria Wild Ombré is our favorite at home kit for do it yourself ombré. It may be hard to fathom DIY ombré, but this at-home hair color kit takes the guesswork out of the technique with a blending brush that creates salon-worthy highlights.
Although we love all of the above please keep in mind that dying your own hair at home requires a lot of trial and error.  Keep in mind if it doesn’t take the first time, please do not go back and dye your hair!!!! Give your hair a good 24-72 hours before re-dying and after several washes to ensure the chemicals are rinsed off.
Other than that take a chance and live a little! Make sure you take a selfie and hashtag us so that we can see your hair and beautiful color.
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