Trendy Summer Styles

Spring is the time for change. Think of your hair as a beautiful flower emerging from a long winter. It just wants to show the world that it’s here and life will be a happier place. Ok… maybe not that dramatic, but we’re pretty sure you’re ready to step into this summer with a new look. Here are our top five looks this season, so that you’ll be cool for the summer. Alright, I promise that we’ll stop with the corny jokes.

Choppy Bob Cut

It’s almost like a lob however with more layers. To get the look, be sure to ask for an A-line shape (longer in the front than the back). Add textured layers and soft bangs for a modern look, but don't get too crazy with layers. To top it off, be sure to get summer accents with dirty blondes or high lighted bangs.

Dakota Johnson Short Hair Bangs

This look combines the always classic bob with long layers and blunt, medium-weight bangs. Luckily, this is a cut that any stylist should be able to pull off. Just be sure the layers are kept long and tailored to your texture, or you'll end up with a shag.

Trendy Summer Styles

I think we all secretly love Frozen and dream of hair like the beautiful Elsa, who rocks one of the hottest colors of the summer. First and foremost however, please seek a licensed professional to help you achieve this color. Tell your stylist to add in ashy and silver tones, while staying on the cooler side.

Baby Light Hair style

Highlighted hair will never go out of style, and fine, dimensional blends of color are all the rage for this year’s summer hair trend.

Little Mermaid Hairstyle

Just like Elsa, I think we’ve always wished for red hair like Ariel’s from The Little Mermaid. So we’re extremely excited about this classic hair trend.


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