An Alternative to Highlights — The Flamboyage®

In the world of Balayage, Ombre, and Sombre, we wanted to take a moment to talk about another hair coloring technique called Flamboyage®.

"Balayage is a French word for sweep," said the colorist. "Technically, it means that you area-painting highlights on the hair in a sweeping motion."

Highlights will be in thicker sections, making it seem like the sun naturally lightened the hair. Due to no foils or meche is being applied during coloring, sections are less saturated than typical highlights and regrowth lines are less noticeable. Your hair will look just as good whether it is one week or one month from your initial salon appointment.

Sarah Jessica Parker Rocking her FlamboyageFlamboyage Hair

Created and coined by Angelo Seminara, an Italian hair colorist and artistic director at Davines, Flamboyage® is a combination of ombré and balayage that gives hair more depth, dimension, and a natural appearance.

Strips of Meche are used to Color FlamboyageTransparent, adhesive strips called Flamboyage® Meche are used to color the hair. A colorist sticks the adhesive side of each strip to a layer of hair and then lifts up. The selection of hair stays in place on the strip and is then painted balayage-style, giving your hairstylist an opportunity to apply the right amount of color to create the desired depth and dimension to your hair. Since the paper strip is visible, the color development can be checked at a glance, and give better control. Removal is very easy, as the adhesive strips slip right off when the dye and hair is rinsed off in water.


“I wanted to look like Nature has done it, rather than an artist… For me, a hairstyle or an haircut is never really complete without a beautiful color, and I wanted to do something of new, very natural, and more spontaneous” - Angelo Seminara  

Hair Color TrendsExtreme Hair Coloring Precision

This special technique allows full control of the whole process and extreme coloring precision, creating infinite chromatic possibilities and enhancing natural colors by “spontaneously” blending colors well. It is an easy way to softly and naturally highlight the hair, giving a more gradual, darker start with a lighter end.

Hairstylists and clients love how low maintenance the Flamboyage® is, unlike other hair coloring techniques, while providing a dynamic effect with a lot of depth. This is great for those looking for super-subtle highlights.

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