Aftercare Tips for Post-Hair Extension Application

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions offer an answer to those looking for a change of style and for people with thin hair. Wigs perform the same task but they can be cumbersome for those not used to wearing them. Extensions, on the other hand, are more natural-looking and can be more permanent depending on the type of method used to apply them.

Like all artificial hairpieces, extensions require proper aftercare. This is done to ensure that they don’t get damaged and stay set for a longer time.

  • Hair experts advise refraining from washing hair for at least 48 hours after application. This gives the bonds time to set.
  • If you’re a frequent hair washer then you’ll need to cut down the number of times you wash your hair to a maximum of twice a week. This imposes less stress on the extensions.
  • Ordinary shampoo should be avoided as it can cause the bonds to weaken. Only use shampoo that’s recommended for hair extensions.
  • Like special shampoos, there are hair brushes made just for hair extensions. They keep the hair from falling out in excess.
  • Plait hair into a loose braid during sleeping. This is especially beneficial when using human hair extensions as they tend to tangle easily.
  • All extensions must be removed no later than three months after getting them installed. Depending on the condition of the tips, they can be reinstalled and reused. As the natural hair grows the extensions can become matted and lose their characteristics.

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