Quality Of Hair Used In Extensions

The artificial hair industry is worth a lot of money with a kilogram’s worth of human hair costing a huge $500 as of the year 2010. By now, its value has increased to make the business a well-oiled machine that won’t see dwindling sales anytime soon.

Although synthetic hair is still widely used to make hair extensions, many wearers of artificial hair have a preference for the human variety. Based on how good the quality is the price goes up and the demand is fuelled even more.

Remy hair: Remy hair is the most sought after of all the varieties available. This is because the hair is precisely organized with the roots falling in one directio. Remy hair is more tangle-free than its cousins and retains shine for a longer time.

Virgin hair: Virgin hair is unprocessed or uncolored hair. It is preferred by those opting for a wholly natural look. More expensive than the rest, it can last for up to a year if properly maintained.

Single drawn hair: Single drawn hair is hair that has around a two-inch difference at the tips. This makes for an uneven end.

Double drawn hair: Double drawn hair is the opposite of the single drawn variety. The ends are cut to almost the same length to add volume to the finished product.

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