Types of Human Hair Extensions

 Human extensions come in handy in the market with increasing focus on looks and style among consumers. It is essential that you understand more about the different types of extensions for you to choose the best that enhances your beauty and elegance.

  1. Clip-ons are popular and you can simply attach them to existing hair. They are easy to use and do not need the help of a specialist to achieve the best results and are great for starters. 
  2. Pre-bonded extensions have keratin at one end. This is to aid proper fusion to your hair. You need special heating equipment when using the extension. They are more robust and do not shed easily compared to other types of extensions in the market. 
  3. Fusion bonding extensions are easy to attach. Apply warm keratin bond to 20 or 30 strands of hair. Roll between your fingers to achieve a smooth protein bond. This can be repeated up to 50times and it takes only 3hrs to fix. 
  4. Micro rings are also common hair extensions. Tiny rings will be fixed unto your hair as well the extension. They will also be clamped with tight pliers. This is a fine hair system and adds minimal thickness. They are also cost effective.

These are some of the extensions you can choose. Settle for the best and have a stylist fix your extension for a great look.

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