Why Shop at LuxeRemi

Shopping at LuxeRemi is easy. At LuxeRemi, we offer a large selection of style, texture and color of hair so you can always choose from the most up to date fashions. Scroll down the page to learn why shoppers are choosing LuxeRemi as their destination.

Savings and Updates

LuxeRemi offers many ways to receive free updates and special savings. Some of our customers' favorites include:

  • Free email updates ( on special offers )
  • VIP Members Monthly Specials

To learn more about becoming a VIP, click here.

Excellent Customer Support

Luxeremi comprises of experienced experts in the hair industry. If you have any questions on how to use our products or need some tips, we can easily be reached at our Live Chat service or call us at 562-229-9300. Additionally, we can be reached at support@luxeremi.com

Fast Order Processing

LuxeRemi provides Free Shipping in the continental US and most orders placed before 2pm PST are shipped out the same day.


Luxeremi supports your privacy and is committed to protecting it. We will not rent, trade or sell customer information or mail addresses. To view our privacy policy, click here. Additionally, we provide an easy to use and secure website.


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