Beaded Weft vs. Machine Weft

Many women wear hair extensions to achieve their desired appearance. Hair extensions really work, and it makes sense if you want to try them, too! After all, you deserve to look and feel your best, and you can definitely do that with Bohyme Brazilian wave hair extensions. But how do you decide between beaded weft and machine weft hair extensions? It’s easy to get confused between these two options, as they look and feel similar but are installed differently. Here’s what you need to know about beaded weft and machine weft hair extensions so that you can make the right call for your luscious locks.

Similar Structure

First things first, it helps to understand how these extensions are made. Both are produced using the same methods and materials, as the hair is double wafted to enhance durability and make a thicker, voluminous look. Machine weft extensions are ready to go after this process, while beaded weft hair extensions take it one step further with small, silicone-lined microbeads added to the weft. Either way, Bohyme hair extensions are gorgeous and fun to wear. Your self-confidence and sense of style will get a big boost with whatever hair extensions you pick out, and you can look forward to making new memories with big, beautiful hair.

Choosing Extensions Based on Your Natural Hair 

While you can choose whatever extensions you want, it certainly helps if you select extensions that are meant to work well with your natural hair. You should think about your natural hair and finding the right extensions for your strands. For example, beaded weaves are better for more textured hair that can hold a braid for an extended period of time. Soft hair may not work as well with braided extensions because it will loosen more quickly and will not last as long. Beaded weft weaves are considered more permanent and may last for 2-4 months. A beaded weft is generally better for thick textured hair, but it can be paired with thin, soft hair too. The installation process for Bohyme beaded wefts is fast and easily touched up so that even if the weft slips out of fine hair, it can quickly be fixed. That’s what you want, extensions which will sit naturally within your normal strands and give a dazzling, dynamic look to your hair.

Ponytail Egyptian Hair Extension

Installation Preference

Bohyme hair extensions need to be installed carefully so that you can get the best value for your money. A machine weft style will require a stylist to carefully attach the wefts to the braids through sewing, while with beaded wefts, the weft is attached by pulling hair through the microbeads and securing it. One of the cool things about beaded wefts is that the installation process enables you to incorporate your natural volume too. If you’re worried about thickness, then beaded wefts are the way to go. Also, keep in mind that a partial installation for both machine and beaded wefts usually only needs one weft, but a full head installation would need more. There will need to be 1-2 wefts and possibly an extra piece to create a fully blended look with a full sew-in weave. Going through the installation process is easy and exciting when you know you’ve got a wonderful look coming your way.

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