Bohyme Brazilian Wave Maintenance Tips

Congratulations on choosing Bohyme hair extensions from Luxe Remi for your wave! We bet you just can't stop looking at your amazing head of gorgeous hair. Bohyme is a leader in providing natural-looking, high-quality hair extensions. They're meticulously constructed from natural human hair to provided maximum longevity and shine, but to keep your Bohyme Brazilian wave looking like it does today, you need to adhere carefully to the following maintenance tips.

Brush Your Hair the Right Way

Always work from ends to root (backwards), making certain to protect all the bonds. Never pull. Section your hair carefully while brushing to prevent matting. It's okay to use a standard comb or brush at the ends, but only use an extension-friendly brush near the tape or bonds. It's also a good idea to brush several times a day, especially in the summertime when heat and water do the maximum damage, or when you've been active.

Wash Carefully

Limit your washings to just a few times a week to keep the hair in balance and limit damage from heat styling. The longer you can go between washings, the longer your extensions will last. When washing, avoid strenuous rubbing and circular motions; gently massage your scalp near the bonds in a downward motion and pay special attention to the ends. Use quality hair products and keep conditioners away from bonds and tape, as they can weaken the bonds and cause your extensions to slide. Condition from mid-shaft to ends only.

Press a towel to Dry Immediately

Towel Dry Immediately

Press a towel to your scalp immediately after washing to absorb moisture and prevent bonds and tapes from swelling and slipping. After caring for your scalp, section your hair and lightly squeeze out the water from mid-shaft to tips. Never pull or vigorously rub.

Blow Dry and Style

Bohyme hair extensions respond to heat styling in much the same way as your natural hair, and you should exercise similar cautions with a few adjustments. Avoid your roots and the bonds, keep heat to a minimum, and apply styling products from mid-shaft to the ends.

Be Extra Cautious about Sun, Salt, and Chlorine

UVA and UVB rays can cause your hair to fade and become frizzy. Salt and chlorine damage your scalp and make you reliant on heavier conditioners that weaken the bonds on your extensions. Your best bet for maintaining your Bohyme wave is to limit exposure to sun and water and, when you really want to take a dip, wear a cap for protection.

Be Smart

Use a low ponytail when exercising to prevent tangles. Use dry shampoo to stretch the time between washes. Don't get your extensions colored, permed, straightened, or otherwise chemically altered. Wrap or braid your hair for sleeping or use a satin pillowcase to minimize bed head. Better yet, use flexi-rods while sleeping for bouncy, gorgeous waves in the morning. Never go to sleep with wet hair and never let your hair air dry without brushing.

Your Bohyme hair extensions are an investment. Careful maintenance and care will help them look beautiful for a long, long time. Enjoy your new hair!

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