Bohyme Luxe vs. Bohyme Gold

It is an undeniable fact that many women love to have long and luxurious hair. However, many may not have the patience to grow or even maintain it. This is not to mention that some women simply cannot grow long and healthy hair due to health or natural factors. Do not worry; at Luxe REMI we have you covered with extensions, additions, and wigs to help you achieve the look that you desire. Bohyme hairs are our choice of luxurious hair extensions. Here is an insight into Bohyme Luxe and Bohyme Gold.

Bohyme Luxe is designed exclusively for use by hair stylists only. It is sold only to licensed cosmetologists. Bohyme Gold, on the other hand, can be sold directly to a client. You do not need a cosmetology license to purchase the Gold Bohyme Remi hair.

What Makes Bohyme Luxe Great?

  • Consistent Coloring- One bunch of Bohyme Luxe is acquired from one donor. Owing to this, even the coloring process becomes consistent. This is a convenience for stylists wanting to experiment with their own preferred shades of lowlights and other effects.
  • Thickness- Bohyme Luxe strands are thick from the root to the tip. This is not the case with Bohyme Gold, as you will notice a little tapering toward the ends.
  • No Counterfeits- There are extremely strict rules that dictate who is eligible to purchase Bohyme Luxe. Owing to this, cases of counterfeits and re-sellers are rare. Only licensed and verified stylists can actually buy it.
  • Pricing Freedom- The pricing for Bohyme Luxe is not available directly to consumers. This allows the stylists to structure their extension prices freely.

Aside from the numerous benefits listed above, Bohyme Luxe has few drawbacks as well. For instance, it is limited to just two textures, namely: Body Wave and Silky Straight. In addition, if your stylist does not have access to this hair, then it means you cannot have it too, since it is never sold directly to consumers.

Long shiny hair

What Makes Bohyme Gold a Good Choice?

  • Bohyme Gold may not come from a single donor like Bohyme Luxe; however, this does not make it any less effective. In any case, most consumers don’t paint in low lights, and given the wide array of Bohyme hair colors, they are still good to go without single donor expenses.
  • Unlike Bohyme Luxe, which is available in only two textures, this one comes in a variety of textures, lengths, and colors.

Bohyme Remi wigs and extensions are here to save you from that agonizing look. Both Bohyme Luxe and Bohyme Gold make use of real human hair. This hair undergoes proper inspection to limit cases of split ends and gray hairs. In addition, it is never subjected to chemical processing like perms and dyes.

Whether you wish to elongate your hair or create more thickness, Bohyme Remi wigs and extensions are all you need. You can also use them if you wish to put on a different color. For thicker, fuller, or longer hair, try Bohyme Gold or Luxe. It will make you look amazing, while you continue growing your natural hair, recovering split ends, or a wacky dye job.

For the best Bohyme extensions and wigs, come to Luxe REMI.

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