Bohyme's Hand-Tied Skin Weft Clip-In Just Got Better

Great News! We're happy to announce that Bohyme's popular Hand Tied Skin Weft Clip-Ins is now better than ever and available at LuxeRemi. For those unfamiliar, Hand Tied Skin Wefts Clip-Ins are flexible in their installation methods as they allow hair stylists to easily attach small strips of hair or provide additional hair coverage with a variety of methods.


Old Vs New Hand Tied Skin Weft

Original Hand-Tied Skin Weft vs New Hand-Tied Skin Weft Clip-Ins


The Bohyme Hand-Tied Skin Weft was designed to mimic hair growing from the scalp with its skin colored weft. Additionally, the micro thin weft is important as it allows the weft to rest as close as possible to the head for avoiding the "hair bump" and maximum comfort. The new Hand-Tied Skin Weft with Clip-Ins still retains all the benefits but now come with 4 clip-ins per package for an additional method of install.


Micro Thin Hand Tied Skin Weft

Versatile Weft That Can Be Installed By Clip-In, Tape-In, Micro-Ring or Sewn-In


As the most versatile hair extension available, Hand Tied Skin Weft Clip-ins allows you to choose any method you prefer for hair installation. Whether you want to custom cut into small individual pieces for spot treatments of color or highlights, or apply large regions for length and volume, Hand-Tied Skin Weft Clip-Ins now makes it even easier to attach hair extensions with less time.


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