Caring for Your Hair Extensions This Summer

As summer approaches, it’s natural to put away winter clothes and grab your warm weather wear, but many people don’t realize they should also adjust their beauty regimen. Moving flip-flops to the front of the closet, putting away your dark lipstick, and completing your makeup routine with a swipe of shiny lip gloss are typical seasonal switches. More importantly than your wardrobe or your makeup palette however, is knowing how to care for your Bohyme Remi hair extensions. Before it’s time to spend long days in the water or lounging by the pool or beach, here are a few things you should know to care for you hair extensions during the summer.

Keep Clip-on Extensions Dry

Even if your swan diving skills deserve an audience, think carefully before launching yourself into the pool wearing your extensions. There are a few reasons why professionals recommend keeping your clip-on extensions dry.

First, saltwater and chlorine-treated pool water can wreak havoc on your extensions. Both can damage your Bohyme hair. If you choose to go to the pool or the beach wearing your extensions and they get wet, carefully remove and wash your extensions to prevent damage. This leads to the second point: You shouldn’t wash your hair with the extensions in. You’ll create tangles and the effort to undo the mess can be painful and can damage the clips and cause a tender, painful scalp. Professionals recommend removing your extensions before washing your hair or practicing your swan dive.

Wear Hair in Braids or Loose Buns near Water

Your hair extensions can be treated like your regular hair. However, the bonds and tape that hold the extensions can be fragile. You can get them wet, but you should avoid long soaks in the pool or ocean. Professionals recommend wearing your hair in braids or in a bun when you’re planning to be in the water. Ponytails can put extra tension on the bonds holding your extensions, but a simple braid or bun can help prevent tangles that are often the result of wet, loose hair. Tangles will require tugs and pulls to remove, putting additional stress on your bonded extensions.


Sunscreen and Moisturizers Can Damage Tape Bonds

As you slather your face with skin care lotions and sunscreens, use care as these can migrate to your hairline or hair where they can loosen extension bonding tape. Obviously, try not to get face products in your hair as you apply them. Professionals also recommend washing your hands after you use lotion or sunscreen to prevent residue from those products getting in your hair.

Treat Your Extensions with Care

The products you use in your hair should be sulfate-free if you’re using bonded hair extensions. When you wash and condition, try to keep the shampoo and conditioner away from the roots as a way to preserve the adhesive. Stylists recommend shampooing only two or three times per week, not daily.

Brushing, styling, and washing should be done gently. Don’t bunch hair or scrub when washing and ask your stylist about extension-friendly brushes that won’t yank or tug at your extensions. Feel free to use your normal brush on the ends of your hair, but near roots, where the extensions are bonded, utilize a brush designed specifically for extensions. Finally, visit your stylist as necessary to maintain your extensions.

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