Choosing Remi Hair Extensions over Synthetic

There are numerous types of hair extensions, from the type of hair to how the extensions are attached. One of the most important things to consider is whether you should purchase lower quality synthetic hair extensions or higher quality Bohyme Remi hair extensions that look and feel like natural hair. Here are some things to help you decide if synthetic extensions will meet your needs or if you should use Bohyme Remi extensions instead.

Synthetic and Remi Defined

Synthetic hair extensions are like any other synthetic product. It's an artificially manufactured product to mimic something else, in this case human hair. Synthetic hair is made of chemicals and flexible plastics that are blended together and molded into fibers like hair. There are varying degrees of quality with synthetic hair. Low quality looks waxier and more plastic, and higher quality synthetic hair looks more closely resembles real hair in texture and shine. Remi hair is real human hair, but it also has been harvested in a certain way. It's cut from a single donor with the cuticles intact, so the hair faces the same direction from root to tip. The product that's best for you will depend on how long you want the extensions to last and how you plan to style the hair.

Heat Styling

An important consideration is how well the extensions hold up when you style with heat. 100% human hair extensions can be styled with heat in any way, because you can style it just as you would your own hair. They don't require extra care when using heat. Synthetic extensions, on the other hand, usually can't be styled using heat, because they’ll melt. However, there are some heat-friendly synthetic options you can look into.

Coloring Extensions

Again, since human hair can be treated like your own hair, you can style extensions made of human hair. Synthetic extensions can't be color treated at all, and you'll likely ruin the extensions by trying to color them.


Overall, synthetic extensions don't require quite as much maintenance as real hair extensions, because they don't have to be washed and styled as frequently. Synthetic extensions usually have a preset style, so they're not as susceptible to humidity like real hair and won't get split ends. However, synthetic extensions do tangle more easily than real hair extensions, which is one reason they don't last as long.

Hair Colors


As mentioned, synthetic hair extensions have a significantly shorter lifespan than those made with real hair. Most synthetic extensions only last up to three months because they become so tangled that they're no longer wearable. Human hair extensions, however, can last up to a year with proper care. If it's longevity you're looking for, real human hair is your best option.


Synthetic extensions, depending on the quality, can be high enough quality to blend in with your own hair and look natural. However, nothing matches the appearance of real human hair, because it blends seamlessly and has the shine and texture of your natural hair.


If price is your only concern, synthetic hair is your best option. However, you'll need to do a thorough cost and benefit analysis depending on how you want the extensions to look and how long you want them to last. For more information contact Luxe REMI to learn more about hair extension options.

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