Everything about Blow Drying Your Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an excellent way to add length, volume, and style to your natural hair, but some people have questions about how to care for and maintain them. Read on to learn about the steps to take to achieve the perfect blow out for your Bohyme Brazilian Wave extensions.

Proper Preparation Is Key

Before you even turn on a blow dryer, you need to properly prepare your hair for styling. This actually starts days or weeks before you actually blow your hair dry. Choose a shampoo and conditioner tailored for your specific hair and skin types. Something gentle and nourishing will help keep your hair extensions in the best possible condition. Scalp health is also important for achieving a truly great hairstyle, so be sure to have any skin conditions treated.

On the day you want to blow your hair dry, wash your hair and let it partially air dry. This helps to keep hair healthy and strong as well as cut down on the amount of time you spend drying your hair. Once it has dried a little but is still damp, apply a protective product to protect hair from heat damage. This is also where you can apply other products like leave-in conditioners, blow out creams, or other preferred styling products. When applying products, however, be sure to keep them away from where the extensions attach to your hair.

Roots First

Once you start blow drying, begin with the roots. They need the most air and attention, and you want to part your hair or determine the direction lies before you set it with the blow dryer. At the extension attachment, be careful to dry it thoroughly without damaging any pieces.

A Systematic Approach

Once the scalp area is done, blow dry your hair in sections using a round or paddle brush. Start with the pieces that frame the face, since these are the most visible. Work your way back to the side sections, and finish with the sections at the back of your head. Be sure to keep the nozzle pointed downward in order to keep the hair looking sleek and smooth. Dry your natural hair and the hair extensions in the same sections to make sure things look perfectly blended and natural.

Black haired woman with voluminous, shiny and curly hairstyle

Finishing Touches

For soft waves or sleek, natural volume, use a round brush on the top sections of hair. While the hair is still hot from the blow dryer, there are two general techniques you can use. One is to wrap the hair around the round brush and leave it in place until hair cools, then gently remove the brush. The other is to remove the brush while the hair is still warm but pin the curl in the rounded position until it cools.

Another option once hair is completely dry is to use heat tools like a flat iron or curling iron to perfect or enhance the look. A flat iron can help smooth wavy pieces or stubborn curly roots, and curling tools can create a whole host of various looks using your smoothly blow dried hair as a base. Finish with a setting product to hold the finished product in place.

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