Everything about Color Matching Your Hair Extensions

There are a variety of reasons why someone might want to use hair extensions to improve their look. For some, it may be to provide an attribute that your natural hair is unable to provide, such as thicker hair. Others may want to add length to their hair for a specific occasion, while keeping a shorter everyday hairstyle. Regardless of the reason, there are many advantages to using hair extensions. Here is everything that you need to know about matching Bohyme hair to your natural hair color.

Use an Online Color Guide

Matching the color of the extensions with your natural hair can be difficult, especially if you are looking online. Similar to a color chart, an online color guide will help you to find the right color to match your natural hair. This is the quickest way that you can tell what color of extensions will match your natural hair color, as you won’t have to order anything through the mail or go anywhere to attempt to make the match. However, it can be quite difficult to match a color in person with one on a screen, so this might be a jumping off point for your attempt at finding the right color.

Color Ring Loan

A much better way of finding the right color that matches your natural hair than a chart or guide is a color ring. These items are great, as they allow you to hold the color of extension up against your natural hair to see how well they match. This is especially helpful when you are working with shades of a specific color.

While you may be able to tell between blonde and brunette hair, there are different shades of the two that can be difficult to tell on a chart. There are a variety of places where you can rent a color ring that will help you make the decision, and then return it when you’re done.

Large selection of hair colors on white board

Live Chat

Many companies that provide hair extensions have live chat options on their website, which will allow you to speak directly with an expert. The advantage of doing this online rather than over the phone is that you can immediately send them photos of your natural hair. They can use these photos to compare them with the different colored extensions they offer, advising you on which color would match the best. This is especially a good option if you have trouble distinguishing between close colors, as the experts will ensure that the colors are as close as possible.

Fill Out a Form

While you can look for your desired extensions yourself, sometimes it’s better to allow a professional to help. Some companies provide a form you can fill out that will allow you to inform them of your preferred brands, length, preferred color, and a photo of your hair so that they can make the right determination. They may be able to make recommendations on the best hair extensions for you to use, as well as ensuring that you end up with the right color.

There are a variety of reasons why someone might desire Bohyme hair extensions. These are some of the resources that you can use to ensure that you find the right extensions to match your natural hair color.

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