How to Look Fierce this Holiday with Bohyme Hair Extensions

Make an extreme change to your look by changing your hair style for the holidays. Have you ever wished you had thicker, fuller hair? Maybe you like to experiment with a new hair color. If your hair is shorter, you can go a step further and make it long. Won’t that surprise your friends at the holiday parties? The solution to all your hair trends is Bohyme hair extensions.

Bohyme Hair Extensions

What exactly is Bohyme hair? Bohyme is 100 percent human hair. Each strand of Bohyme hair is inspected to ensure it hasn’t been chemically processed, permed, bleached, or been exposed to home box dyes. There are no gray hairs in the wefts, and no split ends. Bohyme hair is sourced from the healthiest hair possible.

Pure Bohyme Hair

Bohyme Luxe hair undergoes exceptional quality control. The bundles of hair aren’t mixed with other batches. There is less shedding and tangling. Hair sourced from brushes or animal hair is never used. The hair bundles are voluminous and full from root to tip. The hair is put through a delicate cleaning process, and is colored to your specifications. Bohyme hair is from a premium collection that is also available to licensed stylists and salon professionals. 

Professional Recommendations

If you are uncertain about the color you need to order for your hair extensions to match your own hair, you can mail in a snippet of your hair to our professionals who can select the right shade for you. Another option is to send a photo taken in natural light without a flash. You will get color recommendations within twenty-four hours. You can opt to make your selection from our color chart of more than 50 colors. With a variety of different hair blending methods, you might not get an exact match, but you should be able to come close enough to blend with your own hair for a natural look. The Bohyme color ring comes with 36 customizable color options for a small fee. If you aren’t happy with our professional color recommendation, or you receive the wrong color of hair extensions, you can exchange them one time for a different color with no additional fees.

Other Features of Bohyme Hair Extensions

You will be pleased with the large selection of style, texture, and color of hair with Bohyme hair extensions. You can choose up-to-date fashions with excellent customer support about how to use the hair extensions. Order your long or curly extensions today and get ready to wow your friends.

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