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Silky. Shiny. Sleek. Straight hair is fabulously all of the above! And while we love everything about it, we know that achieving those pin-straight locks can sometimes come at the price of  V O L U M E. But have no fear, here are some easy tips to add some va-va-voom to your sleek mane.


Switch Your Part
The easiest trick on this list — just switch your hair part to the other side for an instant lift. Warning: it will feel really funny and unnatural at first!


Tease It

The age-old tactic that never fails - teasing. Gather hair in sections around your head that need the most oomph, spray some volumizing hairspray, backcomb down to the roots, and then spray with hairspray again. Lightly brush through with a comb or your fingers to soften the look. If you tease smaller sections, you’ll actually get much more volume overall. There are also teasing combs available for the sole purpose of upping your volume as well. 


Re-evaluate Your Shower Regime

Volume really does start at the root, so use volumizing shampoos and conditioners to help build volume from the start. These products work to expand the diameter of each individual hair shaft for thicker hair. Also, use a super clarifying/cleansing shampoo once a week to rid your hair of any residue that can weigh it down. Remember to avoid conditioner on your roots as it weighs hair down with its thick ingredients and formulas necessary to smooth down hair cuticles and provide glossy, soft hair. 


Dry Shampoo Is Your Best Friend

While washing your hair every day isn't recommended, as it strips your hair of its natural goodness, oily hair does weigh your hair down. Use dry shampoo in between washes to combat oil at the roots, bring hair back to life, and build volume. 


Blow Dry with Gravity On Your Side

Dry hair upside down to redirect hair from the the root for extra volume. For extra volume, prep with volumizing mousse or root-boosting product on the roots before. Another tip: after hair is 60% dry, flip your head upright and continue to blow-dry while picking up the roots. Continue to spritz in root-boosting product or volumizing hairspray to lock it in. You can also flat iron your hair upside down to give some bounce as well. Get as close to your roots as possible and just run the iron through.


At-Home Beauty Blowout 

While blow-drying your hair, use a large, round brush and wrap 1" - 2" sections of hair around it, and lift your hair at the roots. Aim your blow dryer at your scalp and pull upward for maximum impact.


Take Advantage of All The Volume

These days there are oh-so-many wonderful volumizing products on the market to help all you lovelies achieve silky straight volume, so use them all! From volumizing shampoos and conditioners, mousses, mists, sprays, powders, texture sprays, lotions, gels, and hairspray, there is something for everyone to help pump up your hair.


Look Out For This Funny Word

There's a new ingredient on the market that promises to help your volume-building goals, called filloxane. This thickener works by inserting itself into the hair shaft and bulking it up from within. 


Fake It!

Of course, we saved the best for last! And we say, just add hair extensions! While typically synonymous with long hair, it is also a great way to build fullness and volume. Just look at these beautiful results below:


Long Straight Hair

Hair Extensions

Pump It Up hairstyles


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