Remy Hair Extensions: Demystifying the Common Myths

Some people worry that using REMI hair extensions will damage their own hair or limit activities. If the Bohyme REMI hair extensions are cared for properly and installed professionally, you have no worries. Don’t let myths keep you from enjoying beautiful hair. Read on to learn the truth about the best Remi hair extensions.

Myth 1 - Hair Extensions Will Damage Your Hair

There are several different types of REMI extensions. Clip-in hair extensions don’t cause any hair damage. You put them in when you want your hair to look thicker or longer, then take them out at night. Professionals who are very familiar with applying semi-permanent hair extensions such as microbead, cold and heat fusion, and skin weft should be the ones to install your hair extensions. No damage will occur if the hair extensions are attached properly. It’s not recommended for people with alopecia to use hair extensions without first consulting with their healthcare professional.

Myth 2 – Hair Extensions Prevent Natural Hair Growth

Your hair continues to grow while you’re wearing semi-permanent hair extensions. In fact, you will likely need to have the hair extensions adjusted as they will be moving down the strands as your own hair gets longer.

Myth 3 – Hair Extensions Are Painful

Hair extensions will only cause pain if they are attached by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Extension adhesion has improved over the years. It’s simpler to use and pain free. If you experience discomfort, return to the salon for an adjustment.

Myth 4 – Hair Extensions Dictate Your Lifestyle

You can swim, climb, run, and do everything you usually do while wearing Bohyme hair extensions. The only precaution is if you are sweating a lot. You should follow the advice of your stylist to ensure the sweat doesn’t destroy the bond.

Myth 5 – Hair Extensions Won’t Blend In

If hair extensions are clipped in below your eyebrow line, they will blend in perfectly, and no tracks will show. It takes a little practice attaching the clip-in hair extensions, but it also depends on how thick or thin your natural hair is. Wefts come in 120g, 160g, and 220g sets. Choose the set according to your natural hair for a seamless blend.

Hair Extension Selection

Myth 6 – Hair Extensions Cause Headaches

If you are a first time wearer of hair extensions, you need time to get used to the extra weight on your head. If you have a sensitive scalp, try clipping the extensions slightly lower on your hair. Tease the hair a bit for extra support of the weft.

Myth 7 – Hair Extensions Require Special Products and Care

The bonds that connect your extensions to your hair could deteriorate from sulfates in shampoo. Keep your natural hair and your extensions healthy and happy by using shampoos, conditioners, and styling products that don’t contain parabens or sulphates.

Hair extensions don’t need to be washed as frequently as your own hair because they don’t get oily from being too close to your scalp. Wash your hair extensions every 15-20 wears, or when there is a lot of product buildup of hairspray, etc. The best REMI hair extensions are made of pure human hair. Each bundle of Bohyme Luxe hair is cleaned and processed with delicate methods. Luxe REMI doesn’t use mixed batches of hair, so there should be less shedding and tangling. If you handle and care for the hair extensions properly, there should be minimal tangling. Brushing the hair periodically should take care of any tangling problem.

For the best natural-looking Bohyme Luxe hair selections, check out Luxe REMI.

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