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Fact #2

  BON VOYAGE!   Spring break advice: super simple ways to protect your hair   I never forget sunscreen for my skin when I go to the beach, but I sometimes forget to bring protection for my hair and scalp.  It’s just as important, especially if your hair is already...

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Tip #2

  March is here! Your hair may be dry and brittle from the harsh winter weather. You may also notice it has more static or doesn’t style as easily as it did before. This month, I will be focusing on simple tips to help you improve the health of your...

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Tips and Facts

  TIP #1 NEVER SLEEP ON WET HAIR (WHETHER YOU HAVE EXTENSIONS OR NOT) This is a mistake I made for many years thinking I could save time by showering at night and air-drying my hair while I slept. I didn’t know at the time I had caused many decades...

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