Things to Keep in Mind When Applying Hair Extensions

Just by flipping through a magazine or scrolling on social media, chances are you’ll see some hairstyles that you absolutely admire. Maybe you’re even a bit envious of those long, luscious locks. You don’t have to be jealous though, because you can achieve the same gorgeous look through Bohyme remi hair extensions. With these extensions, you can have the hair you’ve always wanted. That being said, when you invest in hair extensions, there’s a few things you want to keep in mind to ensure you have a positive experience. Here are the top three recommendations to remember when wearing your stunning Bohyme remi hair extensions.

Avoid Chemicals

It’s completely understandable and to be expected that you’ll be excited with your new hair extensions. Even so, you don’t want to let that excitement get the best of you by doing things that will damage your hair. This includes highlighting or coloring your hair extensions while they’re installed. While many people share the sentiment that extensions are a woman’s best friend, this doesn’t mean that you should subject your extensions to unnecessary risk and damage. Bohyme extensions must be colored or chemically treated before you’re wearing them. If you try and take a shortcut by coloring or using a smoothing treatment once your extensions are already in, you could seriously damage your strands. It’s just not worth it, especially because these chemicals need to be washed out of your hair by a certain amount of time, and you may not be able to meet those requirements with your extensions in. Bohyme remi hair extensions are a terrific investment, and you don’t want to waste your time and money by ruining them.

Be Gentle, Not Rough

With Bohyme hair extensions, you need to treat them with care. Avoid being too rough when your brushing through tangles, as this could damage your extensions. Plus, it doesn't feel all that great either! While detangling can be difficult, you still don’t want to yank and pull your hair in different directions just to get rid of tangles. Rather, you should try detangling your hair when it’s wet and conditioned. Just because extensions aren’t your natural hair doesn’t mean that you can be rough and wild with them. When you pull on your extensions, you cause stress to your hair and you may experience thinning in vulnerable areas, such as your hairline. It’s in your best interest to treat your extensions as if they’re your own natural hair. That’s part of the recipe for long-term success with your lovely extensions.

Heat protectant spray

Prioritize Protection for Your Extensions

 Last but certainly not least, another way in which you can make sure you’ll have a good experience with your extensions is to protect them. It’s important to remember to treat and protect your extensions, no matter what you do. Split ends, uncontrolled frizz, and heat damage are not only annoying and unattractive, but they can also point to unhealthy hair that’s in need of a boost. These problems are quite common in extensions, because this hair no longer gets any nutrients. That’s why you should always make good use of your heat protectants and deep conditioning treatments. A quick trim to tidy up split ends is another great idea. If you put that little bit of extra time and effort into looking after your extensions, you’ll enjoy them so much more.

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