TLC for Your Sun-kissed Hair

While there's nothing we love more than endless days of summertime fun in the sun, it's important to remember that your luscious locks need some TLC to last as long as you can under the sun. 

Just as UVA and UVB rays are damaging to your skin, they can affect your hair in the same way. Prolonged, unprotected exposure to UV rays can break down your hair's protein bonds and draw moisture from your hair cells, damage hair cuticles, and destroy color pigment. This can result in dry, brittle, frizzy hair that is susceptible to breakage and split ends, in addition to faded hair color.  

So here are a few tips to keep your mane gorgeous all summer long: 

Change up your look with a hat.

The bigger the better! They can protect your scalp, hair, and face from the rays, while providing a little shade on those hot, summer day. 

Get it wet.

Before you take a dip in a pool or ocean, wet your hair with fresh water to fill the pores so your hair isn't likely to absorb 100% of damaging chlorine chemicals or saltwater that dry out your hair.   

Revive in the shower.

Opt for hydrating shampoos and conditioners to provide moisture and nourishment for your hair. There are also special after-sun shampoos and conditioners to help your hair after a long day in the sun.  

Invest in sun care for you hair. 

Sunscreen isn't just for your skin anymore. There are many sunscreens available specifically designed protect and moisturize your hair from the rays of the sun. In addition, there are many styling aids like leave-in conditioners, heat protector sprays, and hairsprays that offer protection as well. Look for products that contain both UVA and UVB protection and infused with SPF. 

Make your own SPF for your hair. 
Just dilute 2 teaspoons of SPF 25 sun block with one cup of water. Use a spray bottle to spray the product into your damp hair before styling, and mist throughout the day for added protection. 

 Re-hydrate weekly. 

Use weekly deep conditioning treatments and masks to prevent and reverse damage, while also helping keep damage to a minimum

Avoid these. 

Stay away from "sun-activated" hair lightening products, lemon juice, and products with alcohol and peroxide. These products dry out your hair and speed the process of damage caused by the sun.

While excessive sun may take a toll on your hair, in moderation, sunlight also has benefits for your hair. It increases the level of Vitamin D in the body, which is a vital nutrient that stimulates hair growth, and produces long, healthy hair. 

So, with these tips in mind, go forth and keep enjoying your summer days! :) 



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