Ways to Revamp Your Look with Hair Extensions

Changing your hair is a great way to change your overall appearance and feel like a new person. Unfortunately, there’s only so much coloring and cutting you can do before your hair suffers from damage, or you’re left waiting for it to grow back out. Remi hair extensions are a great way to revamp your hair without constant coloring, cutting, and waiting. Here are some things to think about.

Added Length

The most obvious way to change your look is to add length to your hair. Even if you currently have short hair, extensions can add length by inches in minutes instead of months. There are various lengths of extensions to choose from, so you’ll be able to get the exact length you’re looking for. Whether you just like the look of long hair or want to do hairstyles that are only possible with long hair, extensions can make that happen.

Increased Volume

If you’re happy with the length of hair you currently have and are just looking to add volume, you can add a shorter set of extensions that will boost volume without adding length. Extensions can be added underneath and, on the sides, to give your hair more body. While it may not sound like adding a little volume will change your overall look much, the added movement and life from the increased volume can be significant.

Color Options

Coloring your hair can quickly and significantly damage hair because the harsh chemicals will dry the hair out and make it more brittle. If you’ve been feeling like your hair could use a break from coloring, but you still want to change your color, extensions have numerous options to consider. Rooted ombre and balayage hair extensions are available in a wide selection of colors with lowlights and highlights. Changing color with extensions rather than dye can help your hair recover and become stronger and healthier.

Lady with Hair Extensions

Curl Tightness 

Remi extensions can be styled just like your natural hair so you can curl or straighten them to change your look daily. But there are other options for curl tightness if you’re looking for a style that’s difficult to reproduce. Extensions are available in a curl tightness range from very tight to loose, flowy waves. Most people with naturally curly hair are able to find an option that blends well with their natural curl to increase the hair’s volume and length naturally. Or you can choose to pre-curl hair extensions and store them already styled for when you’re short on time.

Choosing the Right Extensions

The most important factor when choosing hair extensions is whether the hair is real or synthetic. Synthetic hair can’t be heat styled and will quickly tangle. Real human hair is the only way to go. Remy hair extensions are collected with the cuticles intact and running in the same direction. These are the smoothest and silkiest option that rarely tangle and last the longest. There are numerous options for how extensions can be applied. Clip-in hair extensions simply need to be clipped into the natural hair, so if you like to change your look frequently, they may be your best option. Tape-in extensions are usually applied by a hairdresser with a special tool and are a longer-lasting option. Sew-in or weave extensions are the most long-term option because the extensions are actually sewn or woven into the natural hair. Check out Luxe REMI today for all the different hair extension options.

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