What’s So Fantastic about Bohyme Remi Hair Extensions?

You’re the woman who likes to keep up with the trends but doesn’t like to look made-up or wear a hairstyle that doesn’t complement your beauty. You love playing with color and texture. You even have a few wigs that let you change your look in a second. You’ve considered hair extensions, but some just don’t look natural. And you’re all about natural. You’ve heard about natural hair extensions but aren’t sure they’re right for your look. Continue reading and learn what’s so fantastic about Bohyme Remi hair extensions.

The Natural Look

When you’re deciding between synthetic hair and natural human hair, if you prefer the look of natural hair, then Bohyme Remi is the best choice. Even though synthetic hair may be the most economical choice, it’s not the most natural looking and certainly not versatile. Synthetic hair is meant to mimic the look of natural hair. When you buy natural hair, you get the highest quality and a natural look and feel.

Easy to Style

Busy women don’t have time to fuss with hair. Between getting an education, working, and taking care of a home, who has time to spend hours creating the perfect look? Hair extensions can make at least one part of your daily routine easier. You style Bohyme Remi hair just like you would your natural hair. You can use any styling tool you would typically use including flat irons and blow dryers. Remember to use a spray designed to protect hair from the potentially harmful effects of heat. Also, use a low heat setting when using styling tools.

Do You Love Tangle Free Hair?

Tangling is natural no matter what type of hair you have. When you use natural hair extensions, they’re less likely to tangle. That doesn’t mean they won’t get tangled - remember they’re natural hair. However, you can minimize tangling by taking a few preventative steps. First, buy a detangling brush. Use it to brush your extensions 2-3 times. And just like your natural hair, don’t overdo it with the brushing. Second, choose hair products carefully. Look for products that don’t contain alcohol, sulfates, or parabens. These three are damaging to hair and may dry it out and cause matting. The dryer the hair, the more prone it is to tangle.

You Can Be You

Since Bohyme Remi Human hairs are natural, you can color and style them any way you choose. Unlike synthetic hair, which comes already colored and styled, you pick the color. You can also have long, short, curly, or straight hair. Changing your look is as easy as a quick blowout or a few curls added with a curling iron. The only caution with color is that it’s better if you have a professional colorist apply it. Your salon can help you choose the best shades and use products that are less likely to cause permanent damage to your extensions. Natural hair extensions are the most versatile product for women like you who want something custom tailored to your style and personality.

If you’re ready to experience the comfort and luxury of wearing 100% natural hair extensions, let Luxe REMI help you choose. Visit us today and enjoy our selection of Bohyme Remi hair.

Putting Extensions On

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