Behind the Shears with Anianne

Coming in from St. Louis, hair stylist Anianne Rivera has been offering a full range of services specializing in dressing hair to the trendiest style, offering a broad range of vibrant hues and custom coloring, as well as being a certified natural beaded extensions. We sat down with Anianne to find out a little more about her style and what its like working at Salon Loft 7.

What do you love most about being a stylist?
There comes a point where a stylist isn't just a stylist anymore to theirs clients. I am able to make people feel better about themselves just by doing their hair. The reaction I get every time I finish a clients extensions is something I never tire of seeing. It gives them a boost of confidence and their whole demeanor changes. That really is the best part of being a stylist, I'm able to make a difference to someone by doing something I love.

What is your favorite installation technique?

I have been doing hair now for seven years, and in that time I have tried what feels like every method available. About a year and a half ago I came upon Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) and that changed everything. With NBR, I am able to give my clients more hair than they ever imagined they could have without all of the damage that comes from other brands. The placement and hair itself also gives us the ability to customize the color for each client. They can have highlights, lowlights, root smudge, balayage, whatever makes them happy! I myself wear them and chose to go violet!

See her work on IG @hairbyanianne

What or Who inspires you?
I don't know if I can think of one specific person or thing that inspires me. I spend so much time looking at hair / makeup & fashion photos and YouTube videos that everyone has become an inspiration in one way or another! There are stylists who saw spilled oil and started putting those colors into hair for the "oil slick" trend! Inspiration can come from anywhere! 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

The past 7 years has flown by so I can only imagine how quickly the next 5 will go! I began using the NBR method last year and I have seen so much progress in my career in such a short time. At the rate everything is changing now I wish I knew exactly where I would be in five years. Growth is something we should never stop aiming for, it's crucial in our industry! I currently only accept extension clients, so hopefully my very own NBR salon is in my future.

Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share?

Dry shampoo is your absolute best friend when you have extensions. (seriously I couldn't live without it)
Have any indulgences or guilty pleasures?
Other than my violet hair?! ;) I absolutely love to read. I can spend hours upon hours in a bookstore, flipping through a million books. My "to read" pile grows larger every day but as does my "read" pile. And of course, traveling. From airport security to the jet lag when I get home I love every single minute of it. I always have a countdown until my next trip.
What’s your favorite thing about
I use Bohyne hair which has an abundance of lengths, and colors, which is perfect for customizing my clients extensions. LuxeREMI gives us stylists tons of support and help if we ever need it!

Thanks a million for giving me the opportunity to be featured in your website!

Anianne Rivera

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