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Luxe Remi first learned about Sarah and Fish through Swanky Mane, a hair extensions boutique based in the Washington D.C. area. The couple founded their new found love about a year ago after becoming heavily frustrated with the high cost and poor quality of hair extensions in the area. This amazing couple created their own self-installation method involving their unique micro-link installation method that uses no glue, wax, or thread which maintains the health of their client's hair without any damage.

We truly love that Swanky Mane exclusively uses Bohyme machine weft hair and are able to provide their DC clients with luxury hair extensions at an affordable price.

Fish Installing Hair from SwankyMane

What do you love most about being a stylist?
We both really love helping people and making people feel good, so for us it’s a rush to see our clients beaming with confidence and pride after we finish doing their hair extensions.  

Our business model allows Swanky Mane to target cost-conscious clients, who simply can’t afford to invest a lot of time or pay a high price for beautiful hair, but who want a longer-lasting solution than clip-ins.  Fish, who originates from Ethiopia, has taken to saying, “We just have to touch them once.”  And it’s true.  Not only do we make our clients look and feel beautiful, but our prices are so incredibly reasonable compared to other hair extensions providers in the DC area, that we’ve eliminated that feeling of guilt (or shame) that can come from spending a lot of time and money on your physical appearance… especially in this area, which has a heavy political-military influence.

DC tends to be quite conservative when it comes to fashion—brains before looks, or so the culture goes—but we let our clients emphasize their appearance along with their intellect.  Our customers are all so diverse and unique—from their age to their national origin to their hair color—and we value those relationships for the rich learning experiences that they provide us as much as (if not more than) we value them for the business that they provide.  
What is your favorite installation technique?
Our own!  Sarah spent 10 years as a hair extensions client before starting her own business last year.  When it comes to hair extensions, she’s seen and tried it all.  The technique that Swanky Mane uses combines the endurance of a sewn track, with the elegance and maneuverability of individual micro link strands.  Our method is long-lasting and non-damaging, using no glue, wax, tape, or thread.  Plus, if we didn’t get our point across before, we’re cheap and we’re quick… An hour-and-a-half, and you’re done!

Before and After from SwankyMane

What or Who inspires you?
The lovely, innovative, and amazing ladies at Doctored Locks (way out in the ‘other’ Washington) have been an inspiration to Sarah for many years, but we’d have to say that Lacy Shields, the beautiful and talented owner of Elite Extensions in Canton, Michigan, has been our biggest influence.  Honestly though, the spirit moves us any time we see a woman who doesn’t have to be photoshopped, Pantine-ad, flawless hair. We want to give that to them!
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
We’re both ambitious, and so we’d like to be firing on all cylinders within the next 5 years, and able to leverage our business and our brand, Swanky Mane, for more social good, especially in Ethiopia.  We’d love to be known as the Best Hair Extensions in DC (which has a large Ethiopian population), with appointments booked months in advance!  Whether that’s realistic or not, given that we’re full-time working parents, has yet to be seen, but we’d sure love to try.
Do you have any beauty secrets you’d like to share?
I think this secret is out, but sulfate-free shampoo is the way to go for colored hair. Also to shampoo only 2-3 times per week, maximum.
Have any indulgences or guilty pleasures?
We’re both crazy addicted to chocolate, as is our son.  Shhhh!  Sarah would also love to rock super long, platinum blonde, ultra-curly hair, but she works for the government during the day and, well, that would be… ahem… disruptive.
What’s your favorite thing about LuxeREMI.com?
Holy cow, the sales!  The killer website!  The friendly and responsive customer service. The free & fast shipping.  The trust.  As they say in the Marine Corps, ‘You, me, same-same.'  What’s not to love about LuxeRemi?!



Thank you Fish and Sarah for sharing your story with us! Check out this lovely couple on their  instagram page to see more of their works at @SwankMane


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