Hair Care Guide


Prior to your first installation, it is important to wash your hair. You will be able to detect any issues with your bundles at this time. If you do, please contact us immediately to discuss any issues that may occur and we will resolve them accordingly.

Every day hair care

Widu Brush

When it comes time to brush your hair, we recommend using a paddle brush or wide tooth comb. This will prevent tangling and yanking the hair from the wefts. Brush in sections to make sure your hair is brushed all the way up to the attachment area. Do not snag the beads/wefts/bonds which can cause damage to your natural hair. Failure to section and brush out thoroughly can lead to matting near the root. Brush hair gently to avoid snapping the ends, which can cause the hair to shed prematurely from the beads/wefts/bonds. Light shedding is normal.

Prior to bed, we recommend that you braid your hair into one loose large braid and wear a satin/silk scarf or bonnet to prevent the hair getting caught on the fabric. This will keep your hair in the best condition as well as prevent morning frizz. To keep your bouncy waves for the following morning, you can style with a variety of flexi-rods prior to going to bed.

Washing Your Hair

Wash hair extensions every 2-3 times a week. The longer you can go between washes the longer your hair will last due to the detergent chemicals in shampoo. They strip away the hair's natural oil's and can cause them to dry out and weaken their strength. While washing, do not scratch your hair as this causes friction with the hair and scalp. Use the Rake & Smooth method whenever you wash your hair or apply moisturizing products. Rinse thoroughly with warm to cold water. We recommend sulfate-free & paraben free shampoo or Bohyme® Rejuvenating Shampoo. Avoid rubbing hair vigorously to avoid unnecessary tangling.

Remember to wash the bottom portion of the hair more thoroughly than near the weft. Hair can get especially dirty throughout the day. Avoid too much interaction with the weft if it can be helped because it can damage the hair on your scalp as well as weaken the bonds at the installation point.

Always use conditioner that is moisture rich or are designed for dry hair. Leave Conditioner in for at least 15 minutes or more for best results. Gently towel dry hair then spray leave-in conditioner and brush. Rinse and apply conditioner (near the tips), allow conditioner to sit for 5 minutes before rinsing.

Drying & Styling

Use dry shampoo in between wet washing to prevent oil build up which can cause premature slippage of tape-in extensions. Use a leave in conditioner daily Bohyme® Leave-in Hair Reconstructor to help detangle and rehydrate extensions.

Styling Products and Hair

Your extensions will react to heat just like your own natural hair. When using heated styling tools, we recommend using a great heat protector. However, be careful not to use heated tools too often as it will shorten the longevity of the hair. As hair cuticles become damaged, they are no longer smooth and will cause tangling, frizzing and hair breakage. You may use all the common tools such as flat irons, curling irons, blow dryer for styling. Remember to keep irons or blow dryers away from bead/tape/bond areas and use lowersettings on any heat appliances. Avoid any finishing products that contains alcohol as that will dry out hair severely such as canned hair spray.

Helpful Tips

We do not recommend the use of any dye, toner, bleach, perm, keratin, or straightening solutions which can damage hair.

Manufacturers also suggest to not use generic oils, similar to ones like Moroccan oil. Products called Argan Oil are 100% Argan oil that comes straight from the Argan Trees in Morocco and provide many hair benefits. However, products that are labeled Moroccan oil may be mixed with filler ingredients that can cause your hair to become drier or improve depending on the manufacturer of the Morrocan Oil.

When participating in sport activities, remember to keep the hair pulled back in a low ponytail during sports and water activities.

While we don't recommend using hair extensions in sea water or swimming pools, if you do participate, it is important to thoroughly wash your hair to clean the salt water or chlorine from your hair. Failure to do so may risk extensions having mineral buildup changes colors, possibly leaving blonde hair brassy and orange and dull.

When you are in locations that do not have pure tap water, it is recommended to use purified water to clean the hair. The minerals and deposits can cause the hair to be knotted and damage and will fail to retain their healthy characteristics.

After getting out of the water, use leave-in conditioner, brush hair out thoroughly and allow hair to air dry. When sleeping, a satin pillow case will help prevent tangling, leave your hair smoother and your complexion softer. Never sleep with wet hair and never let it dry without brushing.