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This is a mistake I made for many years thinking I could save time by showering at night and air-drying my hair while I slept. I didn’t know at the time I had caused many decades of abuse on my hair and scalp. I noticed my hair density decreased significantly, so I started to ask the experts what was wrong. I found hair is the most vulnerable when it is wet, it will fall out and break easily in this state. It is important your hair is completely dry, especially at the roots. Several years later after changing my routine to shower in the morning, my hair density increased and I noticed a lot less breakage.


REMI REMI REMI, what is it really?

Many hair companies use the word remi or remy to describe their hair. The word remi has become synonymous with the best quality, and it is labeled on many different brands of hair. I’ve heard salesmen tell me a million times, it’s remi, it’s the best quality. But each time I asked what remi meant, I got a different answer every time. I finally got the real answer from raw material suppliers who sell human hair to manufacturers and factories.

The true definition of remi hair

Remi simply refers to the cuticle direction of the hair. Every strand is aligned root to tip, the same direction your natural hair lies on your head. Since all of the cuticle layers are in the same direction, this helps with any issues with tangling ONLY if high quality, healthy hair is used. If the hair quality is poor, tangling can still be an issue since the cuticle layers are not intact.

Remi does not always equal quality human hair

Although the product may be remi hair, it does not indicate the quality of human hair used. Raw materials sold as remi human hair can be from a used brush, disposed hair, unhealthy donors, and even the deceased.

Even though it says 100% remi, it may not be 100%

With the huge jump in human hair prices, there is an increase of dishonest labeling.

There is a significant price difference in cost between partial remi and 100% remi. Although the hair may look the same, as there is any percentage of non-remi human hair, issues with tangling and longevity will arise. If a product is priced too low, with great quality claims, it probably is too good to be true.



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