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Tip #5

  Hair Extension Care Instructions   Your stylist knows your hair type and products that work well with hair extensions.  Ask them for suggestions and follow all instructions they provide.  The products they recommend will extend the life of your extensions and keep them looking great for months.   Prior...

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Tip #4

Don’t wait one more day.  Change your shower filter today!     I thought I was born with dry hair and skin.  So, I’ve always used products for dry hair, put on excessive amounts of lotion, and diligently drank 8 glasses of water every day.  I never once thought the...

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TIP #3

  Everyone should use a microfiber hair towel   I love my microfiber towel!  I truly believe in this beauty secret. Car lovers would never wash their car with a regular towel.  So, why would we use them on our skin and hair?       More gentle on your hair...

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Fact #2

  BON VOYAGE!   Spring break advice: super simple ways to protect your hair   I never forget sunscreen for my skin when I go to the beach, but I sometimes forget to bring protection for my hair and scalp.  It’s just as important, especially if your hair is already...

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Tip #2

  March is here! Your hair may be dry and brittle from the harsh winter weather. You may also notice it has more static or doesn’t style as easily as it did before. This month, I will be focusing on simple tips to help you improve the health of your...

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