TIP #3


Everyone should use a microfiber hair towel


I love my microfiber towel!  I truly believe in this beauty secret.

Car lovers would never wash their car with a regular towel. 

So, why would we use them on our skin and hair?


  •     More gentle on your hair and skin than cotton

Microfiber towels are made with very soft, fine fibers.  If you just pat your skin and hair, moisture is lifted quickly and gently, with no pulling or friction.  I’ve used one for 2 years and can’t live without it. Now, when I have to use a cotton towel, it feels abrasive.

  •     Save time on drying your hair

Microfiber towels are very thin and light, but they absorb 5 times their weight. Moisture is absorbed quickly, so your drying time will be cut in half.   AND, its great for travel and the gym since it hardly takes up any room in your bag.  (I am always skeptical about how clean hotel and gym towels are anyway!)

  • ·   Minimize heat damage

Since drying time is cut in half, blow dry time is decreased or eliminated.  Who can’t benefit from saving money on their power bill?

  • ·   Helps control frizz

Save time on styling by not spending extra time on frizzy hair to fix it.  I used to use a flat iron to help control the frizz, but now, I can wash and go and my hair looks silkier!

  • ·   No more lint

I have had a few shameful moments when people have picked the lint out of my hair.  Thankfully, I have never seen a single one since I started using a microfiber towel.

  • ·   Easy to care for & affordable

You can throw it in the laundry machine, but just remember not to use any fabric softener.  It will decrease its effectiveness.  You can also air dry it since it dries quickly.  Stylists have told me they last around 10 years.  So it’s definitely worth the small investment.  You can get a very good one for under $20.

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