Tip #4

Don’t wait one more day.  Change your shower filter today!


I thought I was born with dry hair and skin.  So, I’ve always used products for dry hair, put on excessive amounts of lotion, and diligently drank 8 glasses of water every day.  I never once thought the water I was showering in could be the problem.  After installing a new shower filter for just a week, my hair and skin were less dry, felt softer, and looked healthier.  It’s been 2 months now, and my hair has beautiful bounce, natural luster, and is more manageable.  Before, I used a serum after every shower to help with my hair’s dry and brittle appearance.  Now, I don’t need to use any serum at all, and I still get the subtle shine of naturally healthy hair.  


After using a shower filter for about a month, I had to travel and spend 6 nights in a hotel.  Showering without my filter made my skin feel tight and itchy, and my hair look wirey and dry again.  I couldn’t believe how quickly my hair and skin reacted.  After reuniting with my shower filter for a week, my hair and skin were back to looking and feeling great.


Changing your shower filter will instantly make you look better, but more importantly, your health will benefit as well.  Although I do care about my appearance, I care about my long-term health more.  I am so glad I decided to try this out and look further into it.  I am usually pretty careful about the water I drink since I heard tap water potentially has the same levels of chlorine as a swimming pool.  Also, other harmful chemicals such as chloroform, VOC’s, THM’s, DBP’s, fluoride, perchlorate, arsenic, lead, chromium 6, SOC’s can be present.  When I found out showering with unfiltered water could be even worse for me than drinking it, I was shocked.  When you ingest municipal water, your body will filter out some of the toxins.  However, when you shower in it, you breathe in these toxins after they vaporize, and they enter your skin through your pores.  Then, they will transfer into your blood stream.


Everyone loves instant beauty results!  Using a shower filter will improve the appearance and health of your hair right away.  It only takes a few minutes to install, and you can continue the same daily routine.  Knowing they will improve your overall health and make you more beautiful definitely makes it worth the investment.

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