Tip #5


Hair Extension Care Instructions


  1. Your stylist knows your hair type and products that work well with hair extensions.  Ask them for suggestions and follow all instructions they provide.  The products they recommend will extend the life of your extensions and keep them looking great for months.


  1. Prior to showering, gently brush or comb out all tangles starting at the ends and working up. 


  1. Let your hair hang naturally and gradually wet with warm water.


  1. Apply a sulfate-free and oil-free shampoo to the roots following the direction of hair flow.  Stay away from all attachments so they will not be compromised.


  1. Condition hair starting from the ends and work your way up, but stay far away from the attachments.  Rinse thoroughly since too much conditioner can add build up and tangling.  You can use a leave-in conditioner in between shampoos when necessary.


  1. Pat dry gently, do not rub your hair or scalp.


  1. Style as desired.  Use a limited amount of heat devices and keep them away from the points of attachment to ensure your extensions will last.  It is best to let your hair naturally air dry.


  1. Never go to sleep with wet hair.  Keep your hair in a low braid and use a silk or satin pillowcase to ease tangling. Comb out all tangles before you sleep so hair is more manageable in the morning.  If necessary, dry hair in sections using a lower heat setting.


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