Modifying the Tone of Your Blonde Hair Extensions

Can't decide how to wear your blonde Remi extensions next? Read on for some tips on adding a hint of color to your light-toned tresses.

Warm It Up

Add warmth and dimension with some lowlights. The process involves using thin sections of Remi hair two shades darker than your current color. Put them under your blonde locks, so they peek out of your lighter tresses, creating depth and texture. You can use their clip-on variants, but the pro-tips will look more natural.

Combining the beachy glow of soft blonde and the warmth of darker hues is perfect for those wanting natural-looking, sun-kissed hair. Adding extensions instead of dyeing is a damage-free way to do it.

Add a Hint of Red

Mixing blonde locks with a hint of copper shade gives you a combination that flatters every skin tone. It's not true red, so the color isn't abrasive, and it's not platinum either. It brightens up your face without making you look washed out. It's no surprise that celebrities like Christina Hendricks, Rachel McAdams, and Adele have all experimented with this hair trend.

To achieve this with Remi hair extensions, use their pro-tips variant in golden blonde and copper shades. They have thinner sections compared to clip-ons, so they blend in more nicely, giving your tresses just a "hint" of color. Your stylist can alternately attach the faux tresses, placing the copper extensions side by side in a layer with the blonde ones.

Try Blonde and Butter

If you're using weave extensions, then this trick is perfect for you. It's called the alternation technique, and it can transform faux blonde hair into a gorgeous butter shade.

Use a 50/50 proportion that's half-blonde and half-yellowish. Hold both in one hand at the midpoint, and start picking equal amounts of each color. Repeat the process a couple of times to get a more uniform blend.

Blond Hair Extension Palette

Go With Ombré

If you're getting bored with blonde, try an ombré with extensions. You can buy them in a wide range of shades so you can go for a natural look or a more playful aesthetic. Remi hair has ombré sets that make styling easier.

You can combine them with blonde extensions to have more voluminous tresses. Get one that matches your root shade, and ensure the ombré starts lower than the length of your faux hair to make blending a piece of cake. It's recommended that you use weft or clip-on variants for this one since they give you a fuller layer. They won't appear streaky, unlike lowlights.

Play With Pastels

If you want a full head of color but don't like to attract much attention, then playing with pastel is the way to go. It's a washed-out color, so it's easier to achieve.

While these funky shades were once popular with the subcultures punk, grudge, and Harajuku, they're now a part of mainstream fashion. People belonging to more conservative cultures are embracing the trend, even wearing them to work.

With this style, you need a lot of patience and a little knowledge of hair dyeing. But, before applying the pigment, mix it with a small amount of conditioner to dilute the color. That way, the hue won't come out too strong.

Transform your Bohyme Gold to a chic and sassy new shade today! Browse through Luxe REMI's website and get all the things you need to add a hint of color to your extensions.

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