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Rainbow #HairGoals is SO RN

Not only is rainbow hair currently trending, it's not going anywhere, anytime soon! Celebrities such as Lady Gaga and your favorite Instagram Stars keep us wanting ALL THE COLORS, but we're just not into all the color damage and trips to the salon. So what to do? ENTER colored extensions, of course!

Luxe Remi carries virtually all colors of the rainbow and can also match your color preferences (especially if it's a statement-making hue!).

The quickest and simplest route to adding and changing up rainbow color is to opt for clip-ins especially if you're adding peek-a-boo pops of color from the mid-temple down (our favorite styling approach!).

Another solution is adding small, non-committal U-Tip installations or easy-peasy tape-ins with the help of a professional. These extensions last for months with proper care and are super fun. 

Still searching for that perfect pop-of-color? Contact us so we can source the ideal shade for you...even if it's just a hint of color!

Image: @LadyGaga

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